Two Samples Letter Of Recommendation

For most of the international scholarships, the candidate needs some documents. One of these documents is called a Letter Of Recommendation or Recommendation letter. This letter is important for international universities and professors to judge the candidate in many respects. This letter briefly describes the good and bad aspects of the candidate, his behavior, and his education level. This letter is written by the institute professor or teacher who professionally knows the candidate.

Recommendation letter, letter of recommendation

Sample No 1 Letter Of Recommendation Samples





Mr. Khan (Registration No. 15-PWCV-XX) is now an 8th-semester student at UET Peshawar, certifying that he graduated this August 2019. I taught him a course in concrete technology and found a student dedicated to him.

I would like to recommend Mr. Khan for higher studies at your esteemed and reputed university, keeping in view his good academic performance and his professional attitude during his studies. I had a teacher-friendly acquaintance with Mr. Kalim Azal Khan and recognized him as a hard-working man.

Mr. Khan has a pleasant personality and maintains good relations with his colleagues. My understanding is that he has a sharp understanding of his work that he does with honesty and responsibility. He is capable of solving in a very rational and mature manner depending on his investigative nature and uncertain power. He has been involved in many new research assignments, group projects, and assignments, where his performance has always been exceptional. He is an outcome-oriented person and sets goals and objectives in his life.

Best wishes to him for his future endeavors.

Sample 2 Letter Of Recommendation Samples




Mr. ABC S / O XYZ (Registration No. XY-PWCIV-XXXX), “My student during Fluid Mechanics-1, undergraduate studies in Hydrology and is currently in the final year project.” Now with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 8 There is a student who is graduating in August 2019.

He maintained a good academic record in his undergraduate examinations. I found a young fellow who inspired her and thought she was fit for higher studies. He was interested in higher studies and possessed the traits of creativity and took the necessary initiative for postgraduate studies as he was presenting innovative research activities at the university and final year project under my supervision.

Also, he has a good ability to do practical work in civil engineering. Peshawar English at UET is the medium of instruction at the undergraduate level. Therefore, he will have no problem with language difficulties in pursuing his higher studies.

Because of all the above, I strongly recommend him for higher studies at home or abroad and wish him success in this life.

                                                                                          Dr. Flana Dinkana

                                                                                         Designation e.g Professor

                                                                                          Dept. of XYZ Engineering   

                                                                                          ABC University, Location.    

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