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Looking for a way to help Wisconsin’s infrastructure? Work as a regional inspection program manager for the Bureau of Structures to inspect and maintain bridges and traffic-related structures!

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), Division of Transportation System Development (DTSD), is looking for an enthusiastic and qualified person to fill a Regional Inspection Program Manager (Civil Engineer Transport Progressive) position in the Bureau of Structures!

This full-time position is available in either Superior or Eau Claire.

Salary & Incentives Details:

This position pays $79,040 – $91,520 per year plus excellent benefits. There is a twelve-month probationary period required. The Wisconsin State Compensation Plan governs the pay of current government employees.

Summary of the position

This is a one-of-a-kind advanced engineering position for the Bureau of Structures in the inspection, maintenance, refurbishment, and replacement of bridges and other transportation-related structures.

This position’s technical responsibilities necessitate constant high-level contact with public and private officials, as well as engineers/technical consultants, on highly sensitive and complex technical reviews.

This position makes independent decisions and performs work in response to program needs with little or no supervisor review.

The area management and the federal highway administration must both approve the work. This position directs and reviews the work of state and county bridge inspection and repair personnel, as well as local government and advisory bridge inspectors. This position also provides other groups with in-depth technical expertise in bridges, structures, and hydraulics.

This job inspects federally maintained bridges on state highways, out-of-system bridges on city streets, bridges on state rail corridors, and other structures on state highways. This position is responsible for reviewing inspection reports and developing priority requests for repair work.

This position also collaborates with the utility manager to manage the inspection and maintenance of various structures in the assigned geographical area, such as gantries, noise barriers, retaining walls, large culverts, tunnels, and others. Furthermore, this position will collaborate with structural maintenance engineers to prepare the annual bridge maintenance budget.

Required Qualification

  1. PE requirement

A valid Professional Engineering license and the ability to obtain a Wisconsin PE license within three months if the license is from another state.

2. Special requirements

WisDOT Structural Inspection Manual Certified Bridge Inspector (or be able to obtain this certification within the first 12 months of employment).

Ability to travel frequently on your own, for example, B. Traveling 3 to 5 days per week to multiple locations in one day

Ability to work outside in extreme heat, cold, humidity, and dust, as well as walk over rough terrain.

Possibility of lifting and carrying objects such as tools or material samples.

The ability to work outside of normal business hours.

Capability to work in or near water, including safely working from a boat.

Bridge inspection necessitates physical agility and strength, as well as the ability to work safely at elevations of several hundred feet above the ground. Access to inspection areas is gained through small access hatches, ladder climbing or descending, and crawling on beams and pillars.

Body harnesses and self-contained breathing apparatus may be required as safety equipment. Some inspections necessitate entering and driving in a special bucket suspended beneath the structure by a hydraulic boom on bridge inspection machines known as Snooper and Reach-All.

3. Qualified applicants having experience with:

At least 5 years of experience designing, building, maintaining, or inspecting transportation structures is required (Structures are defined as bridges, culverts, sound barriers, retaining walls, or gantries).

Important Deadlines:

Until the position is filled, applications will be reviewed every two weeks. The first application exam deadline is July 17, 2022, at 11:59 p.m.

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