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Plumbing Cost Per Square Foot Calculator




Plumbing commonly refers to the fixtures and arrangements of pipes for water distribution in a structure. Plumbing is a key component of any building/structure & its planning is really important. Regarding plumbing cost estimation for new construction, some of the most important variables in construction costs are the size of the building and the materials used.

Have you ever wondered how experts calculate the cost of plumbing a new home? It’s a complicated set of calculations. To be honest, it varies greatly from project to project and plumber to plumber but here we have made it easy to use. You can simply use our calculator to find out the total plumbing cost of any new building.

Among other factors, the cost of installing a plumbing system is determined by four major factors: the size of your structure/property, the number of fixtures required, the plumbing materials being used, and the amount of labor required (related to the pace of construction required). By using this calculator you can simply find out how much it will cost, and you can plan your budget accordingly.

Take a typical example of a 2,000-square-foot home’s plumbing system that costs between $3,000 and $16,000. Plumbing Installation or Replacement Costs can differ by a specific amount because the replacement will also incorporate dismantling works.

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Following are some of the frequently asked questions:

How Much Does New Construction Cost?
A major plumbing project costs about $4.50 per square foot of construction area on average.
In general, the more expensive it is to plumb a larger building. Larger buildings typically necessitate more fixtures and longer pipe runs. Larger buildings also require proper planning and mapping of the whole fixtures. Also, note that the above-stated price is the average one and it can vary from region to region.

What is the total number of water fixtures?
The number of water-using appliances and features in the home, such as Mixers, water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, hot tubs, etc will have an impact on the bill. Luxury designs, such as a master bath with multiple shower heads, a bathtub, and dual sinks, necessitate more labor and fittings.

How much digging is required?
The greater the distance between the building and the hookups, the more expensive it will be to run the pipes. Prices can be affected by the type of land. Excavation for new construction will be easier and less expensive if your land is not wooded or rocky.

What Kinds of Materials Can You Expect to See?
Nowadays the most common pipe materials are PEX, PVC, and copper. PEX is a plastic material that is long-lasting, safe, and inexpensive. Copper is more expensive than PEX and has the potential to corrode, burst, and leach into the water.

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Check out our exclusive Summary here:

Installation Cost of Plumbing
Average Cost$5,790
Highest Cost$17,500
Lowest Cost$1,500
Sink$350 – $500
Water heater$400 – $1,800
Furnace (gas line)$700 – $1,700
Clothes washer$300 – $1,500
Dishwasher$400 – $650
Gas stove$400 – $1,200
Based on the number of BathroomsAVERAGE $$ COST
1$1,600 – $2,900
2$3,200 – $5,800
3$4,800 – $8,700
4$6,400 – $11,600
The plumbing replacement avg cost is $$
Average Cost$9,500
Highest Cost$16,000
Lowest Cost$3,000
Pipe Material (Replacement)Cost per linear foot (labor included)
Copper$4 – $12
PEX$1.50 – $4
CPVC$1.50 – $3.25
PVC$4 – $8.50
Summary of Plumbing Cost Per Square Foot

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