Engineering jobs April 2022 – PEDO Jobs 2022

pedo jobs, civil engineering jobs

Career opportunities in PEDO KPK Pakistan. The last date to apply is 7 April 2022. You can apply on the ETEA official site (Link given below). The Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization is seeking applications from suitable individuals for appointment to open contract/project-based jobs. The positions within the PEDO Jobs include PEDO Head Office Peshawar and … Read more

Truss Definition, Design & Types of Truss

Trusses are the most important engineering feature in the emerging civil engineering competition, there are different Types of Truss. Indeed, the increase in demand for trusses in the construction industry is primarily due to long-span structures with lightweight. Trusses have played an important role in civil structures alongside the advancement of the steel industry since … Read more

Determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand

determination of biochemical oxygen demand

What is Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) ? Biochemical oxygen demand is used as a measure of the quantity of oxygen required for oxidation of Biodegradable organic matter present in water samples by aerobic biological action. The oxygen demand of wastewater is exerted by three classes of materials. 1. Carboneous organic materials are used as a … Read more

Modulus of elasticity of concrete – Determination & Explanation

The modulus of elasticity is the material characteristic value for the elastic deformation(strain) behavior of a material subjected to pressure, force, or tension expressed in kN/mm² or N/mm². The modulus of elasticity indicates the ratio of stress to the associated elastic deformation.  Modulus of Elasticity (E) = Stress/Strain It is therefore defined by the relationship … Read more