KPPSC SDO Test Answer Key

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Answer Key 1

KPPSC answer key

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KPK Public Service Commission SDO Test (CNW and Public Health Engineering Dept.)
1.      Internal resistance offered by a body or a material against deformation is called as Stress (
2.      Under external loads the stress is developed in the body due to Deformation of particles (
3.      which of the following is the descriptive of maximum and minimum normal stresses orientation of stress element.
4.      The point of intersection of bending axis and the plane of transverse section of the beam is called shear Centre (
5.      If the value of Young’s modulus of elasticity for a materi al is zero, it implies that the material Plastic (
6.      if the penetration grade of the bitumen sample comes out to be 80,it means the depth of penetration of the equipment needle into the sample was 8 mm.
7.      if we double the load on pavement the damaging effect will increase by 16 times.
8.      standard axle load has a value of approximately 9 tonnes ( 8 Tonnes in Test).
9.      The portion of a road surface, which is used by vehicular t raffic, is known as carriage-way (
10.   quicksand condition occurs in Fine Sand (
11.   the earth pressure behind a bridge abutment is Rest (
12.   For the design of foundation we need Safe bearing capacity or Allowable Bearing Capacity.
13.   with decrease of moisture content plastic soil changes soft to hard.
14.   gap graded soil is also called Poorly Graded
15.   maximum possible value for relative compaction 95%
16.   slaking phenomenon is associated with Clay
17.   Equation of continuity is based on the principle of conservation of Mass (
18.   The flow in which velocity of liquid particles at all section of pipe are equal is called Uniform Flow (
19.   The discharge over a rectangular weir directly related to both H and L (
20.   the hydraulic jump occurs during which of the following type of flow Critcal Flow ( when the flow changes from a supercritical flow (unstable) to a sub-critical flow (stable)).
21.   The water wheel runs by both weight and impulse of water (type not mentioned that’s why both, Overshot water wheel-weight of water, undershot water wheel-impulse of water, breast water wheel- both weight and impulse).
22.   the behavior of concrete under instantaneous load Elastic (
23.   the longitudinal shearing stresses acting on the surface between the steel and concrete are called Bond Stress (
24.   Poisson ratio of concrete is in the range of 0.1-0.2 (
25.   A reciprocating pump is suitable for Low Discharge
26.   the diameter of rainfall collector in Symons rain gauge 12.7 cm
27.   A hyetograph is a graphical representation of rainfall intensity and time (
28.   The thickness of road surfacing depends upon the All of these (
29.   the initial cost of construct ion of rigid pavement is More
30.   Activities are linked in Logical sequence to show of activities in a project. Each activity must be completed before next activity can start. (
31.   In arrow diagram the length of arrow is representation of time or length of activity. Not Sure
32.   The project manager would have a system in place to constantly monitor the project progress. Choose the appropriate phase of project management for the statement mentioned Execution
33.   supervision primarily controls All of these
34.   A project must complete within time and budget
35.   infiltration is measured by the cylindrical metal rings {USWB class A pan /evaporation)
36.   the clay mineral with the largest swelling and shrinkage characteristics is montmorillonite (
37.   Voids ratio of a soil mass can take any value greater than zero (
38.   coarse grained soil is compacted by vibratory roller (
39.   which of the following is the best suited for determination of permeability of coarse grained soil constant head method (
40.   in general, the most destructive earthquake waves are the surface waves (
41.   The members that are necessary for the stability of truss and to provide support if load applied is changed are zero force members
42.   the slope of the shear diagram is equal to load intensity (
43.   ILD for statically indeterminate structure is Curved Line
44.   Bracing elements and tie rods are examples Tension Members
45.   work done by friction force is always Negative (

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