Experimental Reduction of Local Scour around Bridge Piers

Experimental Reduction of Local Scour is shown in this video.

Experimental Reduction of Local Scour

Local Scour is a complex phenomenon with a three-dimensional flow, usually developing around piers formed in moving rivers. Local squads could cause partial failure or collapse of bridge piers due to high flood speeds.

The cost of large bridges with simple and specialized complex piers justifies accurate estimation of square depth for financial and safety reasons, leading to the interest of hydraulic engineers in estimating balance depth.

The aim of the present study is to explore and compare the diamond, square and oval scale models of diamond, square and oval scale models in clear water-compatible bed material and to propose the most efficient bridge pier shape. Short local scrap duration. Are in a steady-state around the ghats.

A total of forty experiments using the above shapes with different sizes, durations, and discharges will be performed on Flume. The scoring was found at 48 mm upstream around the square shape, while it was elliptical with a diamond shape of 34 mm, leaving 40.5 mm between the other two shapes and a duration of 30 min of the experiment. There is depth in the lab.

The main reason is an obstruction in the flow area which is more in the square and less in the ellipse. Surf 13 software is used to create contour maps. Surfer is a contouring and 3D surface mapping program that uses interpolation to quickly and randomly convert data into continuous curved facial contours.

Bridge pier scouing is an important issue in security evaluation. Bridge has been reported to be associated with many bridge failures. For foundation material filtering. Native scraping process. It depends because the bridge is basically complicated around the pier. Many variables, including flow, mooring and bedding material Features.

Accurate estimate of depth around the bridge. Piers are essential for their safe and economical design. A lot
Studies examine the flow patterns and predictions of the score. Depth around the bridge pillars, and some have studied the decision. Scrap depth under uniform constant flow conditions.

As already mentioned, many parameters affect the scoring process and though. There have been many studies, there is no general theory Achieved due to the complex structure of the problem.

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