Compacting factor Apparatus Test


Compacting factor test is a more precise and more accurate test for determining the workability of concrete. This is test is widely used in the construction fields and laboratories. The ratio of the weight of partially compacted concrete to the fully compacted concrete is called compacting factor also called a compaction factor. The maximum value … Read more

Sieve Analysis of Coarse Aggregates

Scope The scope of sieve analysis is to get or provide information about the particles size distribution of coarse aggregates. Coarse Aggregates Coarse aggregates are those aggregates that are retained on a 4.75mm sieve when they are sieved through 4.75mm. Standard ASTM C136-05 Significance The process of dividing aggregates in the fraction of the same … Read more

Brick House Construction in 2022 And The Essential Tests on Brick

brick house, Brick House Construction, Tests on Bricks

Water absorption, effluorescence, dimension tolerance, hardness, and Compressive strength tests on bricks: If you have to choose one item that is most important in terms of Brick House Construction and building materials in different countries of the world,  the answer will almost always be brick. Most of the time the bricks are used for creating … Read more