How to Calculate Catchment Area for Drainage

Do you want to know the method of how calculating the catchment area for drainage? If so, you’re in the right place. In this tutorial article, L’ll actually a real-world problem from the field of water resources to help you get a better understanding of catchment area and the method of its calculation specifically for … Read more

7 Different Types of Engineers and What They Do

Engineers are highly skilled professionals who design, develop and construct systems, products, machines, and structures. They use their technical knowledge and creativity to solve complex problems and improve their quality of life. Engineers play a critical role in a wide range of industries, including transportation, healthcare, construction, technology, and energy. In this article, we’ll take … Read more

How to Find Catchment Area of River

aerial photography of water beside forest during golden hour

A catchment area also referred to as a drainage basin or watershed, is the area of land that drains into a specific river or body of water. Identifying a river’s catchment area is important for a variety of reasons, including managing water resources, understanding the effects of land use changes, and assessing flood risks. There … Read more

Compacting factor Apparatus Test


Compacting factor test is a more precise and more accurate test for determining the workability of concrete. This is test is widely used in the construction fields and laboratories. The ratio of the weight of partially compacted concrete to the fully compacted concrete is called compacting factor also called a compaction factor. The maximum value … Read more

Sieve Analysis of Coarse Aggregates

Scope The scope of sieve analysis is to get or provide information about the particles size distribution of coarse aggregates. Coarse Aggregates Coarse aggregates are those aggregates that are retained on a 4.75mm sieve when they are sieved through 4.75mm. Standard ASTM C136-05 Significance The process of dividing aggregates in the fraction of the same … Read more