CIVIL ENGINEERING Merriam-Webster describes the Structural Architect as a person whose manufacturing or occupation is particularly involved in the construction and development of public works, for example, road or port Since the expression “public works” is used in the sense of structural architect, it implies a strong relationship with society, and civil designers consider it … Read more

Areal Distribution by Isohyetal Method – GIS

isohyetal map,

Introduction: In this graphical technique How to Find the Areal Distribution by Isohyetal Method, lines of equal rainfall, called isohyets, are drawn over an area of precipitation point measurements. The size and range of the rainfall areas of the coverage is used to estimate the regional rainfall value. The isohyets method is a good method, … Read more

ETEA Engineering 2021 Result

Full form Educational testing and evaluation. ETEA Engineering 20201 Result is uploaded within the time span of 24 hours immediately after the test. ETEA Engineering test is conducted every year for admission in UET Peshawar. This test is conducted every year in the month of most probably July but due to coronavirus, the schedule can … Read more

How to calculate Catchment Area Step By Step

CATCHMENT AREA Defined as: Drainage basin or watershed or catchment area is a boundary or area of ​​land where rain changes surface water and melts snow or ice at low altitudes, usually in the basin. Exits, where water meets other water sources such as a river, lake, reservoir, estuary, swamp, sea, or ocean. Large catchment … Read more

Two Samples Letter Of Recommendation

Recommendation letter, letter of recommendation

For most of the international scholarships, the candidate needs some documents. One of these documents is called a Letter Of Recommendation or Recommendation letter. This letter is important for international universities and professors to judge the candidate in many respects. This letter briefly describes the good and bad aspects of the candidate, his behavior, and … Read more