Post Tensioned Concrete Slab

Post Tensioned Concrete Slab

It is the process of Post Tensioned Concrete slab after it has been poured and cured by means of a compressive force. High-strength steel tendons are used to form a network within the concrete that is then anchored to the foundation. The resulting post-tensioned slab provides structural rigidity at relatively low costs compared with most … Read more

Is Online Civil Engineering Degree worth it in 2021?

Online Civil Engineering Degree

Is a civil engineering major or online civil engineering degree really worth it? that’s what we’re going to be talking about in this article and let’s jump right into it. First what exactly is civil engineering?  you’re going to focus on planning building and implementing large infrastructure projects besides engineering a lot of the skills you’re going … Read more

Compacting factor Apparatus Test


Compacting factor test is a more precise and more accurate test for determining the workability of concrete. This is test is widely used in the construction fields and laboratories. The ratio of the weight of partially compacted concrete to the fully compacted concrete is called compacting factor also called a compaction factor. The maximum value … Read more

Stiffness Method for Beams with examples

Stiffness Method for Beams, Stiffness Method for Beam,Stiffness Method

Before going into the detailed Stiffness Method for Beams, let’s discuss some basic concepts and the general matrix methods of analysis for indeterminate structures. Matrix Methods of Analysis Matrix analysis of a structure is a branch of structural analysis in which matrix algebra is used as a tool for structural analysis.The aim of the structure … Read more

Sieve Analysis of Coarse Aggregates

Scope The scope of sieve analysis is to get or provide information about the particles size distribution of coarse aggregates. Coarse Aggregates Coarse aggregates are those aggregates that are retained on a 4.75mm sieve when they are sieved through 4.75mm. Standard ASTM C136-05 Significance The process of dividing aggregates in the fraction of the same … Read more