Wastewater Treatment Basics

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is a field that is extremely diverse and complex. Dr. Shashi Dubey, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) offers insight into some of the basics of wastewater treatment. some of the basics terms and definitions are given below: SVI or Sludge Volume Index The Sludge Volume Index is … Read more

Environmental Impact Assessment Explained

Environmental Impact Assessment

A full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) involves predicting, identifying, evaluating, and mitigating the biological, social, and other relevant effects of development plans before major decisions are made. EIA is an essential tool for ensuring that known consequences. A formal study process that may be utilized to offset the ecological effect of a project while it … Read more

Environmental Engineering Lab Notes

Download Environmental Engineering Lab Notes from the given link below. Environmental engineering degree In the future, a growing number of people will need more and more resources and energy. In order to implement this scenario in an environmentally friendly way, there is a great need for environmental technicians. In the environmental technology course you deal with the … Read more