Ferro Cement Construction – An Overview

Ferro cement, commonly known as Ferro-cement, is a construction method that employs a metal mesh “armature” of woven, expanded metal, or metal-fibers, as well as closely spaced thin steel rods such as rebar to reinforce mortar or plaster (lime or cement, sand, and water). Ferro Cement Construction, also known as thin-shell concrete structures or ferroconcrete, … Read more

All about Post and beam construction

Post and beam construction

All about Post and beam construction Rather than dimensionally cut lumber, the post and beam construction technique utilizes enormous timbers rather than dimensional timber. A common example of post and beam construction is a barn. The term “barn” refers to the structure, but it’s more accurate to refer to it as a building method instead. … Read more

Construction zone speed limit of different countries

Construction zone speed limit

An average of 722 people die each year in construction zone accidents only in the united states. Every day, around two individuals, perish in a construction zone automobile accident. The leading reason for incidents and fatalities in construction zones is speeding. Therefore it is very crucial to define the construction zone speed limit. Speeding, combined … Read more