Demonstration of Hydraulic Jump

Introduction: A hydraulic jump is a steplike increase in fluid depth in an open channel. It is a rapid transition from supercritical flow to subcritical flow. The transition is generally a turbulent process with a significant energy loss(∆E) that cannot be neglected. A hydraulic jump is commonly used to dissipate energy and reduce the downstream … Read more

All about Post and beam construction

Post and beam construction

All about Post and beam construction Rather than dimensionally cut lumber, the post and beam construction technique utilizes enormous timbers rather than dimensional timber. A common example of post and beam construction is a barn. The term “barn” refers to the structure, but it’s more accurate to refer to it as a building method instead. … Read more

Response Spectrum Analysis

Response Spectrum Analysis Response spectrum analysis is a method of estimating structural response to small, non-deterministic, transient dynamic events. Examples of such events are earthquakes and tremors. Since the exact time history of the load is not known, time-based analysis is difficult to perform. Peak floor acceleration (PFA) is an important parameter that affects the … Read more

Automated Direct stiffness method for frames using Excel

This video is related to Direct stiffness method for frames using Excel. Download Excel spreadsheet here: Direct stiffness method for frames Direct stiffness method is a type of stiffness method. The stiffness method, also known as the displacement method of analysis, is the most frequent technique for analyzing structures using matrix analysis. In the … Read more